Our international shipping calculator will save you time estimating the door to door delivery of parcels shipped from American eBox to more than 220 countries worldwide. Save up tp 80% on Express Shipping!

Shipping Calculator

Use our easy online tool to estimate shipping cost from America to destinations around the world. The shipping calculator determines shipping cost based upon the higher of the two values: Gross Weight or Volumetric Weight:

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Gross weight

Volumetric weight


  • I was apprehensive about using this sort of service and anxiously waited for my first parcel to be delivered. Great communication letting me know straight away that they had received my parcel and again to say that it was on its way to me. I was pleasantly surprised with how quickly it was delivered to me. This is a great way to take advantage of much better pricing especially from US designers that are very expensive in the UAE. I've told lots of my friends about this service and will definitely continue to use American eBox in the future. 

    Smitha - DUBAI 
  • Thank you so much Guys! My package arrived yesterday. Just can't believe how quick it was. Excellent job.

    Rishikesh - INDIA
  • Thank you American eBox. Really amazing service. Very satisfied and happy with my first order. Sadly I just got to know your website. I've been dealing with other companies that only results in wasted time and money.

    Saeed - SAUDI ARABIA





Package Forwarding

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Parcel Post

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Post Box

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Post Cartons

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Reciba paquete y mercancía desde cualquier lugar del mundo a través de nuestro Servicio American eBox Casilleros Internacionales.

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