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Many of you may be asking yourself, "what exacting is Shop and Ship?"

We will tackle this question and explain just how beneficial it can be to consumers, businesses, and various organizations along with a clear explanation of the process behind, Shop and Ship from American eBox.

First, as a working definition, Shop and Ship is a method by which international consumers access the US marketplace, and items are then shipped on behalf of the international consumer through an intermediary party, called a parcel forwarder. 

To clarify why a parcel forwarder is needed, we offer a few scenarios. Consider, international consumers wishing to shop American online retailers face many common issues that interfere with their ability to shop the American retail market. Shop and Ship alleviates many of the complexities.


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Shop & Ship Solves Problems

A common problem among US retailers is that they will simply not ship items internationally. Another common problem is that US retailers will not accept an international address for payment. Yet, another problem exists with those companies who will deliver internationally. They do not combine multiple items into a single export parcel, instead sending each item in separate parcels, the result of which is exceptionally high shipping costs.

Under these conditions international consumers face a bleak reality. Accessing high quality USA product is very limited. That is unless you utilize the American eBox Shop & Ship service. No longer do international consumers need to begrudgingly accept poor quality household products. No longer do you need to accept the items of sub-standard quality. As you know, when China produces a product two versions are often developed; USA quality and Rest of World (ROW) quality.
Examples range from household cleaning products, clothing, electronics, furniture, auto parts, and the list goes on.
The good news is that there is indeed a service that can help, American eBox Shop & Ship.


American eBox Shop & Ship Solutions

American eBox Shop & Ship provides international consumers a unique American eBox Address and highly discounted international parcel courier services directly to your door. Once a member has completed the signup and registration, they use their new American eBox Address to shop any of the thousands of USA retailers. At checkout they simply use their American eBox Address as the delivery address, which is accepted by 100% of American retailers.

Your shopping is delivered to our fulfillment center where we process and store it in our warehouse. During the processing, we send you a notification to inform you that we received your shopping. Additionally, we photograph the package and contents while inspecting for damage, then upload all photos to your account for you to review.

Members are given free storage for the first 45 days and during this time members can store unlimited items.

When the member is ready to send items internationally, they simply login to their account and select the items they wish to ship. Our team is alerted of the pending shipment and prepares the shipment. When preparing the shipment, our team always repacks and consolidates items to reduce international shipping costs. Also, because repacking and consolidation are methods enacted to reduce our carbon footprint and respect the environment.

Once we’ve completed preparing your parcel, we send your invoice and once it’s paid, your parcel is sent express with a 2-5 day delivery window.

American eBox Shop & Ship, shop any USA retailer and we ship it to your door in just 2 to 5 days, worldwide.

The benefits members realize with an American eBox account are extensive and not limited to individual consumers. Businesses around the globe utilize the American eBox parcel forwarding services for efficient and cost effective documents, mail, and parcels shipments.

Additionally, organizations operating in remote parts of the world, such as Medical and Mission Groups find having an American eBox US Address very useful to rapidly forward medical supplies, aid relief, food, and countless items to the most isolated parts of the world.

 Shop USA & We Ship to your Doorstep! American eBox Shop & Ship

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What member's are saying

“ I am amazed at the level of service I receive from American eBox. Regardless of the time, I get fast responses to my questions and my shipments process very fast. You guy's are awesome, thanks!. ”

David L.Indonesia

“ I’d give American eBox a PERFECT rating. I've never had issues or problems with American eBox, though the same can't be said for other companies. Parcels are always well packed and arrive fast. Thanks Jennifer!”

Maryam A. Saudi Arabia

“ Some companies just get it right. That is what you guys do each and every time I use your service. Thanks for making this service so awesome! ”

Saad K.Singapore




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Are you an Expat living abroad? Are you living outside the USA and want to buy items from Top USA merchants and retailers? American eBox is the ultimate solution to provide you piece of mind and security. When you become a member, you'll be given an American eBox address unique to you. With your unique address, you can have mail and purchases sent to our distribution center where we store them until you give us instructions to forward them to you. Its really simple.

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American eBox is guided by integrity, honesty, respect and above all, family values. 

Our mission is serve wisely and respectfully while achieving results that simplify the lives of our members.
Our vision is to serve with warmth and compassion while pursuing our vision of becoming the parcel forwarder for the world.

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