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Some companies refuse to repack your items and perhaps worse, they refuse to consolidate multiple packages into a single shipment. Sadly the consumer suffers in this scenario over-paying for each individual shipment.

Re-packing an item is a simple way to reduce unnecessary girth and weight. Often packages shipped from Amazon are overfilled with excessive packing material like paper or air packs. These same packages when shipped internationally collect extra charges due to the size or volumetric dimensions. Since international shipping cost are calculated as the greater of either gross weight or volumetric weight, it is important to reduce size as well as weight when possible.

Consolidation is a term we use to describe the act of combining multiple packages into a single expert package. When we combine all items into one consolidated shipment, we are able to eliminate excess packing material and often reduce the overall gross dimensional size, we can effectively reduce the shipping costs incurred by our members.

Take for example, Susan who had a recent shopping spree.
She purchased:





Box Dimension

Volume Cubed Inches

Volumetric Weight


















Ralph Lauren







Sunglass Hut




















If shipped separately and individually:

Total Wt.




If shipped as a CONSOLIDADED Shipment: 16x14x12

Total Wt.



Shipping as a consolidated shipment saved Susan an additional 30%!

Package consolidation is a great way for our members to save a tremendous amount of money on their shipments. Best of all, we don’t charge you anything to do this service for you. It is complementary and just another way that we are serving your best interests.

Package Consolidation
Our warehouse management involves the use of cutting edge warehouse management systems and software to optimize the efficiency of our warehouse, which leads to a more stream-lined and cost effective solution for American eBox customers. Our WMS means integration into our proprietary customer management systems and a linear pathway to the execution of customer orders and instructions.
The beauty of our customer portal is that with every order delivered to your unique American eBox address, we scan your items and notify you immediately of their arrival. American eBox give you the flexibility to forward one or all your packages, its completely up to you. Once you tell us to ship your packages, we pick, prep, and ship your packages quickly and promptly update your account with the tracking information for your internationally forwarded packages.
When you combine all your parcels into a single export shipment, you can save up to 85%. We offer package consolidation as a courtesy and understand that offering customers an economic international freight consolidation service means greater savings and satisfaction among our family of members, and your happiness is our highest objective. You can count on us to give you the most cost effective shipping solution available.
We provide a repackaging service to all our customers to save them money on shipping costs. Repackaging reduces the dimensional weight of packages and helps ensure that their items are not damaged during transport. Our experienced staff take extra time to ensure that all of our customers' merchandise is properly packaged for international shipping.
Merchant won't accept your non-US credit card? If not having a payment form accepted by your chosen retailer has you stressed, relax because we are here to help. Let us buy your items for you. Our concierge service allows our customers in 220+ countries to shop from a large number of US merchants who ship strictly to the United States and/or do not accept international credit cards.
Take advantage of our FREE 30 day storage and consolidate multiple orders into a single economical shipment. We offer customers a unique eBox within our warehouse where your items are stored together until you tell us to forward packages on your behalf. FREE 30 Day eBox storage means greater freedom and maximizes your cash spend.
American eBox is recognized within the industry as a pioneer and innovator in the parcel or package forwarding industry, credited and acknowledged on Wikipedia. As the founder of the 3PPF industry and chair-member of the IFPFA and member of IATA, FIATA, and NVOCC, American eBox strictly adheres to best business practices, ethical and responsible stewardship of member assets, and meaningful industry participant leading and serving with industry associations for the betterment and health of the parcel forwarding industry.
Posting parcels from the US is made easy and inexpensive with American eBox, whose innovative eBox technology and world-class platform take the difficulty out of parcel posting to destinations worldwide. If you have purchased an item from Amazon or eBay for instance who may not post your parcels to your country, then American eBox can help. American eBox provides members a US address, that can be provided to merchants who require a domestic address to send parcels. American eBox will receive parcels on behalf of member, then post parcels worldwide on behalf of members. Posting costs are significantly reduced and the time to for post delivery is very fast, usually within 5 days for express posting services. 1v1 lol unblocked akt�el �r�nler katalogu
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