International freight forwarding service with a trusted Amazon Partner

    From China to Los Angeles freight forwarding services: Ocean, Air, Courier

  • 1. Register for USA Forwarding Address

    Sign up with our easy online registration form and instantly get your own American Logistics Address for all ecommerce actives. SIGN UP >

  • 2. Ocean Freight managed door-to-door

    We coordinate the pickup with the supplier to retrieve the product and manage the complete door to door delivery.

  • 3. Customs Clearance

    We provide customs brokerage in most cases including imports from China. 

  • 4. Fulfillment

    With the inventory cleared and safely stored within the warehouse, its time to get it prepped for Amazon or begin fulfilling FBM orders.



Amazon's Trusted International Shipping Partner

An Amazon Solution Partner since 2015 and served over 10,000 clients with international freight forwarding services to over 100 countries worldwide!

We know Amazon and we know Freight Forwarding!



How it works?

International Freight Forwarding: Step-by-Step

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1. Register for USA 3PL Account

If you are already selling with Amazon (other marketplaces), and need freight forwarding services, register for a FREE American eBox USA 3PL Address.

Similarly, if you are selling on any other marketplace or your website, the first step is to Register for your FREE American eBox USA 3PL Address.

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2. Time to ship

Now that you have registered for service, we will coordinate the pickup from the supplier and manage the complete shipment, Door-to-Door.

We are not limited by borders and manage cargo transportation to & from countless Sea Ports, inland ports, & airports and provide a complete solution that includes 3PL warehouse services.

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3. Customs Clearance & ISF Filing

When it comes to handling the customs clearance, we have vetted professional brokers to ensure compliance.

Importing to USA requires an ISF filing among other critical documents for a smooth import. We have solutions in place to help with US imports to ensure products get where they need to be at the time they need to be there.

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4. Fulfillment & Distribution

When you are ready to ship your inventory, simply login to your account dashboard, select the inventory and click ship.

This will send instructions to our warehouse to begin your work order. Inventory will be packed as you have instructed or defined in you Amazon Project Request form, then shipped.

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Need a quote?

Ocean freight quotes from China to USA, India to USA, S. Korea to USA, Australia to USA, UK to USA, Germany to USA and so many more!






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American eBox is guided by integrity, honesty, respect and above all, family values. 

Our mission is serve wisely and respectfully while achieving results that simplify the lives of our members.
Our vision is to serve with warmth and compassion while pursuing our vision of becoming the parcel forwarder for the world.

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