Draw new sales revenues from aging & overstock inventory

    Exclusively for our Amazon International Returns Clients






We understand the challenges you face as an entrepreneur selling product on foreign marketplaces. You have made big investments to get your product to market and its important that you extract every bit of money from it.

Taking a strategic approach to your aging FBA inventory can save you a substantial amount of time and money.  A smart approach to preserving your USA sales, is creating an FBA removal order and sending us your overstock, or aging inventory, to minimize expensive Long-Term Storage Fees at FBA. For a fraction of the cost, we will warehouse your goods, then prep them to be sent back to FBA at a later date, allowing you to sell through your inventory.



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    Stop Global Seller! Don't ship your overstock overseas. Let's market it for sale at Amazon and get your investment back and encourage new sales.


    By listing the product in numerous conditions ( NEW, LIKE NEW, USED), another stream of revenue may open up for you. Cash in!


    If Amazon is charging long-term storage fees and you need a solution. Send your goods here where we can re-label, case-pack, and ship back to FBA.

Resell New / Overstock Amazon Inventory

Many FBA Global Sellers are faced with the expensive question of what to do with slow moving FBA inventory. Amazon's LTSF continue to mount and eat away at any profits generated, leaving merchants frustrated and prepared to throw in the towel. Sales success can take some finesse. A tactic many marketers take is an A/B test. By making testable adjustments to your listing to find the best combination of elements for a successful listing.

American eBox will warehouse your inventory at a fraction of the cost at FBA, and allow you to rotate inventory back to FBA at an appropriate future date. We can store your inventory, prep it according to FBA policy standards, case-pack, and manage the freight forwarding to FBA facilities across the USA and abroad. 

Problem: The 15th is approaching and Amazon is about to slam you with another storage fee. You have good product, and its selling, but just not fast enough. 

Solution: American eLogistics Storage - Return, Repack & Resell. 

Amazon continues to grow at an unimaginable pace. With more than 54 Million Prime Members in the USA alone, they have become the single largest retailer in the world. Leveraging their market position is not a guaranty for fast success, but hard work and building sales traction can tip the scales for your product to reach a top selling position.


American eBox: Return, Repack, Resell

Building sales velocity can be tricky but here are a few tips to consider.

1.) Get the title right

2.) Images communicate!

3.) Dress up the description - its your last opportunity to sell your product

4.) Shoot for the stars - Reviews matter and the more stars you have, the better it will sell.

Expand North American sales, now!


Our flexible storage rates allow you to scale at your pace

Scalable Flexible Warehousing

Our flexible storage rates allow you to scale at your pace
*** Exclusively for Amazon Global Sellers

American eBox Monthly Storage Fees eBox Price FBA Price
Monthly Inventory Storage / per cubic foot
Short-term Storage: 1-3 Months $0.39 / Cubic Foot $0.69 / Cubic Foot
Long-term Storage: 3+ Months $1.00 / Cubic Foot $2.40 / Cubic Foot
Long-term Storage: 12+ Months $1.00 / Cubic Foot $6.90 / Cubic Foot

Return, Repack, Resell

An eBox / FBA Premium Solution for New & Overstock goods

American eBox Monthly Storage Fees Price
Inbound Receiving
Per Package Contact us for details
Per Pallet Contact us for details
Per Container: 20 Foot or 40 Foot Contact us for details
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Are you complying with Amazon's new International Returns Policy? Are you interested in creating a faster, smoother, and more efficient process that rewards your customer with a faster response and resolution? Get started today.



American eBox is guided by integrity, honesty, respect and above all, family values. 

Our mission is serve wisely and respectfully while achieving results that simplify the lives of our members.
Our vision is to serve with warmth and compassion while pursuing our vision of becoming the parcel forwarder for the world.

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