Consolidating returns from Amazon FBA is the key to your success! Maximize cost savings through the implementation of a consolidation program built upon best practices.






The American eBox International Returns Consolidation service is designed to drive maximum cost savings and efficiency into the reverse logistics portion of the supply-chain. Merchant's provide their customers a local USA returns address, making a domestic return easy and hassle-free.

Merchant returned inventory is received and visually inspected for damage, then photographed. Photographs and inventory are shared with the merchant through our secure web-based technology, where you have full visibility of your inventory. 

We collect and consolidate all USA returned items, then ship them back to you in bulk, at whatever time intervals you prefer; daily, weekly, monthly. 

Throughout this process you have complete visibility of your inventory through our web-based interface which gives you full control over over your inventory and so you know exactly what returned stock we are holding on your behalf. 

Not only does this process drastically reduce the physical cost of the returns, it also gives your customers complete confidence that they can return purchases locally, making them feel more confident about ordering merchandise in the future. Our Amazon Page


Cost Advantage to Consolidation

Increase in shipping weight translates to lower overall shipping costs

Cost < 100LB


Cost < 150LB


Cost < 200LB


Cost < 300LB


Cost < 500LB



Decrease your shipping spend with American eBox Amazon International Returns Consolidation

Give yourself the competitive advantage that will push your business to the next level.

Give your customers a simple local return solution.

When people buy your merchandise they expect an easy return process if the items received are damaged or are unneeded. Providing customers a USA based local returns address shields customers from the frustration felt when shipping internationally. Let's face it, for most people shipping internationally is a significant challenge. Consider the customs documentation, standing in line wasting time, and exorbitant cost. 

Give them a simple solution... a local return address. 

Doing so will build consumer confidence which is elemental to success selling online and according to Web Retailer, critical to success. Build consumer confidence and drive your sales success with the implementation of consumer focused return policy. See what Web Retailer has to say on the subject. Web Retailer Article


Recover Maximum Revenue

Consolidating e-commerce returns from Amazon is a sure fire way to reduce your shipping costs through cost averaging. Drive the per-unit shipping cost down by combining all returns received in our USA warehouse into a single consolidated export shipment.

The e-commerce marketplace is too competitive to overlook returns and the capital that can be recovered with the implementation of an effective returns management solution. 


Return money to your pocket with American eBox International Returns Consolidation

Benefits to Consolidation

Cost Benefit: Certainly the cost benefit to consolidation is perhaps the most important determining factor considered by merchants. Volume discounts can significantly reduce shipping spend and it is a viable solution particularly if merchants have a large volume of returns

Power: Shift the power from the consumer back to you. If your end-customer is managing the shipping to a foreign merchant, you are placing an inordinate amount of power into their hands, allowing them to choose the shipping method. Power determines delivery times, method, and condition, in addition to any refunds due the end-customer. 

Risk: Diminishing risk is critical in the supply-chain and allowing a local freight forwarder to manage your consolidation ensures that items are properly packed for international shipping, mitigates undelivered items often lost when sent from end-customer via postal systems, and reduces financial impacts.

Simplify customs and duties for international returns.

Cutting through the red tape can be a monumental obstacle for any business attempting to manage cross-border returns. Customs and taxes are a significant challenge for global returns that should be first priority. As an illustration, consider a UK sports apparel selling into the United States. IF shipping 100 returns back to the United Kingdom, how do convince customs that you are not simply shipping new merchandise from the US to UK? A process that would require the original commercial invoices showing you'd actually purchased them... 100's or 1000's of documents.

We breakthrough such obstacles and get returns processed through customs quickly and in most cases eliminating levied duties. Now you can confidently enter the USA market and expand your ecommerce sales footprint to the most robust consumer market worldwide.

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The Amazon Global Selling Solutions offered by American eBox provide ecommerce companies the logistics toolkit to give a competitive advantage over the rest. Building your USA based sales channel is closer than you think.

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  • Amazon Returns Management
  • Amazon FBA Reverse Logistics
  • Inventory management and control
  • Amazon FBA Labeling and Barcoding
  • Inspection Services; including photographs
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  • Amazon FBA Consolidation
  • Amazon FBA Load building
  • Order processing, inbound and outbound
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  • Amazon FBA Cross-docking

Our capabilities provide ease of access to Global markets with efficient and cost effective logistics solutions, while ensuring you have complete control across your logistics pathway.

  • Delivering to 220+ countries
  • American eBox means reliable service delivery
  • Continuous process improvement
  • Flexible services to meet your growing needs



Are you complying with Amazon's new International Returns Policy? Are you interested in creating a faster, smoother, and more efficient process that rewards your customer with a faster response and resolution? Get started today.



American eBox is guided by integrity, honesty, respect and above all, family values. 

Our mission is serve wisely and respectfully while achieving results that simplify the lives of our members.
Our vision is to serve with warmth and compassion while pursuing our vision of becoming the parcel forwarder for the world.

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