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American eBox' offers a variety of parcel forwarding services as well as our beloved value added services; Photo Inspections, Repack, Consolidate, and Resizing. We have the right parcel delivery solution for you. We deliver to more than 125,000 zip codes around the globe in more than 220 countries. Our reach is vast and we deliver to most locations in just 3-5 days. 

Express delivery services are our forte, and we'll get your parcels delivered worldwide on-time and on-budget. 

Our hands-on services and strategic solutions are extensive and customized to meet your every need. So whether it is a competitive rate for an urgent shipment or a strategic partner for your international shipping, our team of logistics experts are ready to help. *** If you require special assistance or have an item you are unsure about, feel free to contact us directly. 

Parcel Forwarding

Parcel Forwarding service is provided to customers who require a forwarding company to receive items on their behalf. Generally those items are consolidated and forwarded as a single consolidated parcel.

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Shop & Ship

Shop and Ship is the quintessential service provided to international shoppers who require a US Address to receive and forward purchased items. Repacking is offered as well as parcel consolidation.

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Cross-Border Shipping

Cross Border Shipping is a service provided to international customers who shop USA websites and require those purchased items to be forwarded without additional repacking, however consolidation is performed.

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Express Courier Delivery & International Shipping Services

Express Delivery & International Shipping is a service provided to domestic customers who either drop off or request a pickup for items to be shipped internationlly with an Express Service Level 2-5 days.

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American eBox Mail Forwarding

Mail Forwarding

Mail Forwarding is similar to a virtual mailbox whereby we send and receive mail on your behalf. A postal form 1583 should be uploaded to your account to act on your behalf. Ideal for Expats and RV travelers.

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Virtual Mailbox

Virtual Mailbox is a service offered to both domestic and international customers who simply require a USA Address to send and receive mail and/or parcels. Items can be forwarded domestically or internationally.

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Adding Value Every Step of the Way

Photo Inspection

Every item received by American eBox is given an inspection and photographed for customer review. Photos are uploaded to their account.


Too often retailers ship merchandise with excess packing material adding unnecessary cost to international shipments. We remove it and repack.


After removing unnecessary packing material, we combine all items into a single parcel for export, substanially reducing shipping costs.


Resizing parcels is a final method used to maximize cost reductions. After repacking & consolidating items to a parcel, we resize the cardboard box for a snug fit.


American eBox offers the most extensive group of express consolidated parcel forwarding services offered including: Parcel Forwarding, Cross-Border Shipping, Shop and Ship, Virtual Mailbox and Mail Forwarding..

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American eBox is guided by integrity, honesty, respect and above all, family values. 

Our mission is serve wisely and respectfully while achieving results that simplify the lives of our members.
Our vision is to serve with warmth and compassion while pursuing our vision of becoming the parcel forwarder for the world.

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