Global Sellers face bigger than usual financial challenges when it comes to returns management. Introducing the relabeling & repacking solution for Amazon Removal Orders.






Global sellers take big risk when selling on Amazon and we want to reward them by a new service we call RAR or Repackage Amazon FBA Overstock / Returns / Removal Orders

The American eBox RAR program gives your returns a second life. For those items that are returned from Amazon that are suitable for resell, for example overstock and new returns, we will work our magic and get them ready to be sold into the market again. We will provide all the necessary prep, labeling, and product massaging necessary for you to relist the goods to be sold through the Amazon Marketplace. 

What qualifies to be repackaged for FBA?

    • FBA Refused Product - shipped to FBA from supplier and refused due to packaging issues, incorrect labels, or prep issues (talk to a care representative for case by case approval)
    • FBA Overstock - Removal Orders avoiding long-term storage fees and/or require labeling
    • New product - Need to create an alternate listing or multiple listing? We can help receive the removal order, re-label, repackage, and transfer to FBA.

Sometimes it is necessary to transfer goods to American eBox to avoid the high storage rates at Amazon. Perhaps you had problems with a listing and closed it only to create a new one and now need to shift the inventory to the new listing. Despite the circumstances, American eBox is here to help with your returns management. 

Do you need an Amazon FBA Removal Order Labeling Solution?

You are in the right place! There are a vast array of reasons that product may need to be repackaged and relabeled. We know that this can be an exhausting and frustrating time, but we want you to know that we are here to help you. 

As Amazon's top-rated returns management solution provider, we offer FBA sellers a solution that relabels, repackages, and delivers to FBA. The service helps merchants, just like you, re-purpose inventory and get it back into the sales channel for distribution and sales. 

This service is exclusively for FBA clients who have signed up for service with American eBox. After registering for service feel free to complete the FBA Project Request Form.

Your trusted partner for Amazon FBA Repackaging & Relabeling! We are your complete e-commerce logistics solution provider for all things FBA! 

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Amazon FBA Re-labeling

RAR Pricing Table: Amazon Returns, Repackaged


American eBox is a leading solution provider for Amazon Returns Management and to better assist our global clientele we have introduced: RAR - Repackage Amazon Returns

Service Price
Package: Amazon Returns & Customer Returns (Quantity of inventory doesn't matter) $3.95 / package
RAR Item Labelling
FNSKU Labeling: 1-499 $0.34
FNSKU Labeling: 500-999 $0.32
FNSKU Labeling: 1000+ $0.29
RAR Item prep (Polybagging)
Poly Bag: Small, Medium, Large
1-499 units
Small: $0.49
Medium: $0.50
Large: $0.55
Poly Bag: Small, Medium, Large
500-999 units
Small: $0.45
Medium: $0.47
Large: $0.50
Poly Bag: Small, Medium, Large
1000+ units
Small: $0.40
Medium: $0.43
Large: $0.45
RAR Bundling/Kitting
Bundling/Kitting: 1-499 units $0.39 - $1.00 depending on scope of project
Bundling/Kitting: 500+ units $0.29 - $1.00 depending on scope of project
RAR Quality Check
Basic Visual Inspection of freight and or cartons for signs of damage. FREE
Random Inspection: Randomly select cases and units and perform detailed inspection. Inspection instructions case by case and guided by vendor. For example, quality inspection confirming MPN, operating systems, bundled / kitted accessories, authenticity, among other details. $1.49
Extensive Inspection: Complete inventory inspection with a focus on quality control. Ask for special project pricing
Outbound Transfer: Product received & FBA ready
Parcels / Packages $4.50
Pallet $25
20' Container $300
40' Container $600
Freight Forwarding: Transportation Costs
Pallet transport to FBA: Ave. 300lb or 1 CBM $145 - $225
Short-term Storage (1-3 Months): $0.39 CFT / *($1.00 CFT Peak Season)
Long-term Storage (3+ Months): $1.50 Cubic Foot

  • Prices may be changed at any time without further notice. We reserve the right to change our service rates at any time without further notice.
    * Peak Season is defined from September through February.

Get USA Local Address to Manage International Return 


Local USA return address for Amazon international sellers
In response to Amazon's returns policy requiring either a local USA returns address, a pre-paid return label, or a full refund we have engineered an specific logistics program to better assist Amazon International Returns Service for Amazon sellers. Our service is designed to provide Amazon Sellers a smooth and transparent work flow to speed the returns process and maintain high customer service scores within the Amazon marketplace. 

Registering for a USA LOCAL ADDRESS is fast and easy. Simply follow Signup and immediately receive a USA Local Returns address to instantly comply with Amazons new standards. We will receive all your returns, inspect, warehouse, consolidate, and ship them to FBA or to a third-party destination defined by you. What you can expect to find are solutions and options. We will help you maximize and optimize your logistics operation while reducing your costs, all with no up-front costs.

If you currently or intend to sell on Amazon’s marketplace and are interested in having a USA local returns address or require SELF-FULFILLED SHIPPING SERVICE OR FBA-FULFILLED SHIPPING SERVICES, we can assist you and reduce your current logistics spend while better optimizing the performance of your supply-chain.  

Third party sellers must either provide a return address within the United States, provide a pre-paid return label, or offer a full refund without requesting the item be returned. If a seller does not offer these methods to return your items, you may file an A-to-z Guarantee claim to seek help with your return.



Amazon Returns Specialist

International Returns Service: Amazon sellers

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5 Keys to Amazon Returns Success
  • Label for success
  • Inspections lead to investment recovery
  • Consolidation is key
  • Volume cost reduction
  • Customer refunds equals happy

Consolidation is Key

Tired of the cost of returns? Are your customers returns costing you an arm and a leg? American eLogistics has the solution you need maximize your sales footprint and minimize your costs for customer returns. Stepping into cross-border ecommerce has never been easier than with the American eLogistics suite of omni-channel services.

Returns Consolidation
E-Commerce returns

Go Local with International Returns! Your USA customers will be happy to know that you have a LOCAL USA returns management solution! Going local is a great way to inspire confidence among your clientele as well as reduce your international shipping costs.

International E-commerce Returns


Here are what some of our customers have said about us

  • “ If you’re looking for an freight forwarding company that knows the Amazon business, I recommend you check out American eBox, they are awesome. Jeremy Hansen at American eBox has been my point-man who helped design and build our project and its been nothing short of amazing. My initial concerns about outsourcing were quickly overshadowed by the excellent quality of service. I highly recommend them. ”

    Simon Pretswell UK Soccer Shop
  • “ Thanks for the impressive help bringing efficiency and cost savings to our Amazon reverse logistics process. ”

    Allen Kuo Nillkin
  • “ Managing a big Amazon store is fraught with challenges, but one aspect of our business that was once our weakest part of the supply-chain is now our strongest. Returns had been a sore spot in the business for a very long time and the question has always been, how to improve customer satisfaction and mitigate any pain experienced by the customer. In the past all returns were given a pre-paid international label however the costs were extremely high. Then we found you guys at American eBox and you saved us. Today it’s a very different process and most importantly, our customers are happy and that translates into a more successful business. Thanks for all your support! ”

    M. Patel UK Retailer
  • “ As a UK based business selling on Amazon USA, we needed a solution to better manage our international returns. Working with American eBox has dramatically improved our returns process, ensuring a quick recovery of merchandise, fast returns inspections, and faster customer refunds when applicable. Utilizing their International Seller Returns Service has strengthened our Amazon Return Satisfaction Rating and makes the customer experience much simpler. I proudly recommend American eBox for Amazon International Seller Returns and logistics! ”

    Paul Brown


Are you complying with Amazon's new International Returns Policy? Are you interested in creating a faster, smoother, and more efficient process that rewards your customer with a faster response and resolution? Get started today.



American eBox is guided by integrity, honesty, respect and above all, family values. 

Our mission is serve wisely and respectfully while achieving results that simplify the lives of our members.
Our vision is to serve with warmth and compassion while pursuing our vision of becoming the parcel forwarder for the world.

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