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What is an eBox

An eBox is a personal storage space within a secure warehouse environment. EBox’s are available in varying sizes depending upon the requirements of each owner as well as the available size within the warehouse or distribution facility. 
An eBox is a unique space given to an individual or business for the purpose of receiving and storing goods for a period of time.

Each eBox is identified with a unique ID or address that is associated to the eBox owner. Akin to a banks safe deposit box, an eBox is an individually secured container, held within secure confines of the warehouse. 

An eBox is used to receive and temporarily store valuable possessions, such as gemstones, precious metals, jewelry, important documents, fashion accessories, electronics, among other valuables. 

An eBox size restrictions vary by the customer requirements, but generally are as large as a car or as small as a diamond ring. The warehouse efficiently adjusts according to the size requirements of the eBox customer, allowing for rapid change and scalability to their needs. 

The flexibility of the eBox provides members the freedom to scale up or down as needed and at no additional cost. 

The eBox founder responsible for the design, engineering and construction is American eBox, the pioneer of the Third Party Package Forwarding Industry and Board member of the International Freight and Package Forwarding Association, IFPFA.

EBox warehouse units are part of the larger warehouse management system whereby full warehouse visibility and scalability are controlled within complex software systems designed to maximize efficiency of space and maximize operating efficiency. 

The American eBox warehousing system utilizes proprietary engineered storage units, constructed upon proprietary specifications, and mapped to state-of-the-art inventory management software and ERP.