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Post Box


A post box sometimes written postbox or also know as a mailbox, collection box or a drop box refer to a method of depositing a box or boxes with a service provider who takes responsibility for the collection and distribution domestically and internationally on behalf of the person shipping the box. As it relates to American eBox, we provide a service whereby we post boxes internationally, manage customs processes and follow legal export protocol to ensure boxes are exported properly and imported to the destination country expeditiously without delay. 

Similar to a postbox or mailbox American eBox provides members with an eBox which is a physical box for collecting boxes received on the behalf of members. 

The American eBox Post Box solution is simple and convenient for any international member needing to post boxes from the USA to your doorstep. 

The Post Box process in 4 easy steps:
1 - Get a American eBox US Post Box Address.
2 - Start Shopping US Stores.
3 - Consolidate Your Packages.
4 - When ready, we post boxes quickly!

The methods by which we post boxes internationally is with air freight cargo or ocean cargo. Time, cost and size of one's shipment determine the method of transportation and the decision belongs entirely to the member who has requested our service assistance to post boxes or forward parcels. 

American eBox members from around the globe use our post box service to quickly post boxes from the United States to points around the world. The American eBox post box provides international members a solution to securely receive items purchased from US retailers that are then shipped to the members American eBox US Address, stored for any length of time, and then shipped to the members chosen destination. 

Our post box and parcel forwarding service follows a strict best practice policy and we are members of the Better Business Bureau and US Chamber of Commerce


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