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Parcel Post Defined


Posting parcels is worldwide is the essence of American eBox services and we are providing members with a clear definition of parcel posting in this short and easy to understand explanation. 

Package forwarding or parcel forwarding are terms often used to describe parcel posting and for more information or clarification, follow the links provided.

Parcel post is often associated with mail postal services incapable of mailing parcels or parcels considered too heavy for normal letter postal service. While in the past or perhaps with other service providers, the service is considered slower since the movement of parcels have traditionally been carried in bulk by railway systems at better pricing. Today many parcels also travel by road and international shipments may travel by sea or airmail.

In the case of American eBox, our logistics prowess allows us to post parcels utilizing ocean vessels as well as cargo airplane. Our proficiency in logistics has given American eBox a significant advantage posting parcels worldwide, including lower parcel posting prices to members, greater security and smoother customs importation processes. All of this translates into a premier member experience.

The first step is to obtain an American eBox membership. A membership with American eBox provides members with a unique eBox US Address. Our service is unlike any other in that members are provided an eBox which is their personal warehousing container that increases and decreases in size depending on member needs. We are the only posting parcel company worldwide with this proprietary technology. The unique eBox US Address is then used by members at checkout with an online retailer. The member simply provides the eBox US Address in the "Ship To" section at check out. The merchant then provides tracking information that the member then logs into his or her account, which notifies American eBox staff of an expected parcel arrival. When the parcel is delivered to our facility, the parcel is scanned and photographed, then the member account is updated notifying the member the package has been received along with photos of the item received for the member to inspect. Next the member has the option to either warehouse and store the items in our facility for up to 90 days, or initiate a shipment to a destination for their choosing. Once the posting request is received we immediately initiate the export process and prepare for parcel posting.

Parcel posting with American eBox is best method to post parcels from the USA to points around the globe. Sign up today and experience American eBox!


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