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ADD INVENTORY: Inform us of incoming inventory

To notify the warehouse that you are expecting inventory to be delivered, it is always good practice to enter the details below. Go to MY SHOPPING, click the BLUE and enter the tracking number and the content details for each package. If more than 1 package is being sent, please enter the tracking for each package.

SHIPPING INVENTORY: Time to ship out

It's time to ship. Go to PENDING SHIPMENT and click the BLUE for each item you want shipped. NOTE: If, more than 10 rows of inventory, only check 10 inventory items at a time then click next and ship. Repeat the process for additional items. All inventories will be shipped together as a single consolidation

GETTING IT DONE: Now it's time for warehouse work

By clicking ship, you have sent instructions to the warehouse to begin work on your shipment. The first step is to pull all your inventory, then remove the product from the shipping packages. Next we repack and consolidate everything into the smallest and most economical shipping size.

PAYING FOR SERVICE: After completing the work we send the invoice

After all the work is complete, we can weigh and measure the shipment. Once we have the weights and measurements we will identify the most economical shipping method. Shipments are sent out via courier, over-the-road truck, ocean freight, and air freight. In all cases we secure the most economical shipping method.

TRACK IT DOWN: Tracking provided to follow shipment

Now that the warehouse service and shipping fees have been invoiced and paid, we issue the tracking information for your shipment. If the goods in transit are returns, we will notify customs that the shipment contains returned / overstock / defective items. This is done to minimize the duties imposed by customs. Our standard practice is to declare that the goods have zero economic value to mitigate additional duty / tax from being raised.

  • Step 1.

    Add Inventory

  • Step 2.


  • Step 3.


  • Step 4.


  • Step 5.


Package Forwarding Defined


Package forwarding is a term that has been newly appointed to an area within the logistics industry responsible for managing the flow of goods between retail merchants, often online retailers, and consumers outside the country boundaries of the merchant. 

The emergence of online commerce has ushered in the need for intermediary logistics providers capable of handling massive volumes of customer support, a fundamental requirement of ecommerce environments, along with highly sophisticated warehouse management systems to efficiently manage the steady flow of goods in and out of distribution facilities.

According to Wikipedia, "Package forwarding is an international shipping service offered by shipping companies to international online shoppers who want to do cross-border online shopping. Package forwarding is becoming more and more popular among international shoppers nowadays because of the high growth rate of e-commerce websites and shipping limitations of most such websites..."

Critical to the health and vitality of this industry is guidance and oversight by industry representatives like the IFPFA, NCBFFA, IATA, FIATA, and NVOCC

From inception, American eBox has firmly stood for the ethical and secure management of cargo, maintaining stewardship of industry principals as defined by IFPFA.

If our members need an ocean container filled with tractor parts, we can do it. 
If our members need a fleet of cars sent via ocean or sea, we can do it.
If our members need an iPhone delivered in 72 hours, we can do it.

We are American eBox, your Freight and Package Forwarding Partner!

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