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eBox Features
Our warehouse management involves the use of cutting edge warehouse management systems and software to optimize the efficiency of our warehouse, which leads to a more stream-lined and cost effective solution for American eBox customers. Our WMS means integration into our proprietary customer management systems and a linear pathway to the execution of customer orders and instructions.
The beauty of our customer portal is that with every order delivered to your unique American eBox address, we scan your items and notify you immediately of their arrival. American eBox give you the flexibility to forward one or all your packages, its completely up to you. Once you tell us to ship your packages, we pick, prep, and ship your packages quickly and promptly update your account with the tracking information for your internationally forwarded packages.
When you combine all your shipments into a single export shipment, you can save up to 85%. We offer package consolidation as a courtesy and understand that offering customers an economic international freight consolidation service means greater savings and satisfaction among our family of members, and your happiness is our highest objective. You can count on us to give you the most cost effective shipping solution available.
We provide a repackaging service to all our customers to save them money on shipping costs. Repackaging reduces the dimensional weight of packages and helps ensure that their items are not damaged during transport. Our experienced staff take extra time to ensure that all of our customers' merchandise is properly packaged for international shipping.
Merchant won't accept your non-US credit card? If not having a payment form accepted by your chosen retailer has you stressed, relax because we are here to help. Let us buy your items for you. Our concierge service allows our customers in 220+ countries to shop from a large number of US merchants who ship strictly to the United States and/or do not accept international credit cards.
Take advantage of our FREE 30 day storage and consolidate multiple orders into a single economical shipment. We offer customers a unique eBox within our warehouse where your items are stored together until you tell us to forward packages on your behalf. FREE 30 Day eBox storage means greater freedom and maximizes your cash spend.
eBox Benefits

Shopping Benefits

Get great deals and custom recommendations on top US brands. Plus, the more you buy, the more you'll save on shipping with MyUS premier package consolidation!

Explore the Shopping Treasures
Not only does American eBox give you access to all the USA has to offer in online retailers, but we also give you direct access to Miami's famed Fashion District.

Shop & Save at USA Stores
Shop retailers like Amazon, Nordstrom, EBAY, Macy's and thousands more for top brands and prices you can only find in the USA.

American eBox Member Deals & Coupons
Get exclusive access to our online deals portal, members-only coupons, daily social media savings updates, great seasonal sales and more!

Personalized Product Recommendations
Receive shopping recommendations hand-picked just for you, so you won't miss the best deals and latest styles for all your favorite products.
Read and submit reviews of hundreds of top US online stores, so you can always make the best decisions when choosing US retailers, brands and products.

Package Return Services
Shop without worry! We are happy to help with product returns to US stores if your goods arrive at American eBox damaged, are not what you expected, or the wrong size or color.

Assistance from American eBox Personal Shoppers
Having difficulty buying from US stores, or simply don't have the the time? Let our concierge shoppers make your purchases, so you can get more of what the US has to offer!

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Shipping Benefits

Relax and enjoy a fast and hassle-free shipping experience with American eBox; our industry-leading expertise and unmatched service given to every eBox member.

American eBox Package Consolidation
Save BIG by using our consolidation service to combine multiple packages into one shipment vs. shipping direct from the retailer.

American eBox Express Shipping Pledge*
Our team of IATA trained and certified staff are here daily to provide the highest level of support and we are committed to providing you with expedited service the day you initiate your shipment. Our team workds around the clock and we ensure shipment within 48 hours of your shipping request, so your packages are delivered FAST!

Experience You Can Trust
Our team is made of logistics professional who for more than a decade have excelled in the fast paced import / export industry. Our experience translates into a highly skilled and professional organization built upon Six Sigma & Lean logistics principals. 

Superior Packing & Personal Care
Consolidating your multiple orders into a single export shipment maximizes your  transportation savings. We inspect and carefully pack every shipment, while ensuring your valuable purchases are protected, reduce unnecessary packaging and consolidate your goods for maximum savings.

Customs & Compliance
American eBox processes all necessary export paperwork for you, and our compliance expertise allows us to safely ship a variety of US products to you that most others can’t. Our operational expertise is managing the complex and sea of customs and export paperwork on your behalf.

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