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The post-Soviet era has been introduced to numerous countries that have broken from the patriarch to find themselves newly independent. Kazakhstan, the world’s ninth-biggest country with land almost greater in size than Europe is the economic King to all other countries that splintered from the former Soviet Union, thanks to its abundant reserves of oil and highly desired mineral reserves. 

To the global traveler or Expat, this means a better standard of accommodation, restaurants and transportation than elsewhere in Central Asia. 

The biggest city, Almaty, is somewhat reminiscent of European cities, with its tree lined avenues, trendy boutiques, urban cafes, glitzy shopping centers and steamy nightlife. The newly anointed capital Astana, lies on the windswept northern steppe where its been transformed into a modern architectural gem, glistening gold against the royal blue sky.


Finding your Home

The housing market in Kazakhstan is divided into public and private sectors. Most locals and Asian expats choose public accommodation, managed by the Housing Development Board or HDB. *** Check out our HOME & GARDEN Deal Page

Public housing isn’t associated with lower income groups and even includes luxury options. Most complexes are in self-contained neighborhoods with easy access to public transport, shopping centers and other amenities.
High-earning Westerners often choose to rent a private apartment, condominium or bungalow. Rents in the suburbs are considerably cheaper than in the city center. Because most landlords understand the transient nature of expat life in Singapore, they prefer the guaranteed rental income of a corporate lease.


Beyond the bright lights of the cities is where you will find the greatest travel adventures, whether hiking in the high mountains and green valleys of the Tian Shan, searching for wildlife across the expansive steppe, enjoying home-spun hospitality in village guesthouses, kayaking the Ural River cutting through Uralsk, or jolting across the western deserts to remote lakes. 

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Blue Sky

Tengriism is an ancient religion from Central Asia that incorporates elements of shamanism, animism, totemism and ancestor worship. In ancient times, Tengriism was the main belief of Turkic peoples, being the Huns, Xiongu and Bulgars, Hungarians, Siberians and Mongols, those of ancient Altaic origins. It is thought to be one of the oldest religions in the world.

 The religion focuses around the sky deity Tengri (Tangra, Tangri, Tanri) and can be considered monotheistic. Tengriists centre their beliefs around reverence for the sky. Khukh and Tengri translated literally mean “blue” and “sky” in Mongolian. Tengriism is still actively practiced in Kazakhstan.


Kazakhstan has increasingly become a destination for fly fisherman and sport fishermen as the waters across the Central Asian country are home to a vast species of fish ranging from the enormous catfish to the prized Taimen swimming the gentle and shallow rivers of eastern Kazakhstan. 

Bordering Mongolia, the cold waters are home to what the extreme fly fisherman would consider a trophy fish, the Taimen. The Taimen is a behemoth. Similar in many aspects to King Salmon, this river monster will snatch your fly and maybe snap your rod. While most mature fish weigh from 15 to 30 kg (33 to 66 lb), with an average length from 70 to 120 cm (28 to 47 in) , the largest on record weighed in at a massive 231 lbs. and 83 inches long.

Eagle Hunting

In one of the planet’s most desolate and harsh terrains, the Altai Mountains which run from Siberia in Russia down to Mongolia’s Gobi Desert, hunting with eagles is currently only practiced by a handful of Kyrgyz and Kazakhs.

This form of falconry, the practice of hunting with the aid of birds of prey, can be traced back as far as 4,000 years in Central Asia.

Today, the art is slowly dying out, as there are only about 70 traditional eagle hunters left in the world. For these remaining few, it is not simply an important tradition or an extraordinary sport; it is their reason to live.

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Communication Methods

Calls between landlines are relatively cheap and public phones are widespread. You can buy phone cards from post offices and phone card agents.
Mobile phones are easy to get and coverage is reliable. Most contracts include a free phone, but if you don’t want to commit to a plan, go for a prepaid SIM card. KCell, Beeline, Tele2,  and Altel are the main providers of mobile, landline and Internet services.
The Internet in Kazakhstan varies greatly by location, although the service in larger populated areas is very good. You can use WiFi throughout the country, and Internet cafés are easy to find.
Media in Kazakhstan is largely Russian or Kazakh whether that be newspapers, tv news, radio, etc. With that said there are a few points that English is available for example: and Ak Zhaik

Interact more with local people, spend time exploring the green spaces such as the nature reserves and parks, and take night walks around the neighborhood to enjoy it’s peacefulness. In Kazakhstan you can appreciate space, simple pleasantness and warmth.

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