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USA e-Commerce Attracts Global Sellers: Improving Logistics to Increase Cross-border ecommerce

USA e-Commerce Attracts Global Sellers: Improving Logistics to Increase Cross-border ecommerce

The global e-commerce retail market continues to grow at a rapid pace. Increasingly US ecommerce is integrating global suppliers into marketplaces that were once relegated to US dominated brands and suppliers. The China-to-USA business-to-consumer (B2C) ecommerce market has seen a rapid growth in the breath of suppliers as corridors like China-US, India-US, Japan-US, South Korea-US shipping lanes have opened.
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How to send Bodybuilding and Nutritional Supplements to Middle East - American eBox

Shipping weight lifting, bodybuilding, and nutritional supplements to the Middle East is easy with American eBox which provides international shoppers a US Address. Purchased items are delivered to American eBox and stored until the customer requests the delivery. Then all items are consolidated into a single parcel and delivered to your doorstep. Consolidation and repacking services are free and save customers up to 80% from international courier charges.
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The parcel forwarding industry is a relatively new logistics space created as a consequence of growth and expansion throughout ecommerce. Over recent years, ecommerce has grown in leaps and bounds with exponential growth factors accelerating the adaptation of online purchasing around the world and as fewer barriers exist preventing international consumers from making online purchases, the need for intermediary logistics, specialized in the swift export of goods became a necessity. Today the ...
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Expats around the globe often face the challenging reality that many of the comforts of home are unavailable abroad, but using an Expat Parcel Forwarding Service like American eBox can help ease the transition.
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