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Amazon Removal Order Management - Repackaging, Relabeling, Reselling

Amazon Removal Order Management - Repackaging, Relabeling, Reselling

Amazon Removal Order Management - Repackaging, Relabeling, Reselling 

Make the most out of your Amazon experience and get every dollar you can. 

We help you recover all your capital investment with logistics solutions that drive revenue!

Removal orders are one of the many challenges that plague Amazon Merchants and they are especially difficult for international sellers.  

Removal orders can be created by merchants themselves but they are also issued by Amazon directly when it comes to their FBA clients. 


A variety of reasons exist for Removal Orders being issued:


  1. Inventory is not selling quickly enough to avoid FBA long term storage fees

  2. The merchandise was labeled incorrectly

  3. The packaging needs an additional label

  4. Inventory has been damaged or is defective

  5. Merchandise needs to be removed and sent to another country for FBA fulfillment.


Regardless of the reason, American eBox has the solution.  


After years of our clients facing these issues we’ve mastered the resolutions for FBA Removal Order challenges.  Our “RAR Service” or “Repackaging Amazon FBA Removal Orders Service” has been specifically created to solve these specific problems for our clients, whether local or international.  


Instead of sending products that have been removed to an international location, or multiple different locations, we offer a local solution that will allow Amazon to send your merchandise to American eBox directly, while allowing you to stay informed every step of the way.  This saves on shipping fees and allows us to cut down on the time frame to get your products back into the marketplace.  


From there, we are able to safely store the merchandise while it accumulates from all FBA warehouses, as all products are rarely coming from a single location.  Once all items are received, we offer convenient pricing and quick turnaround times for repackaging, relabeling, consolidating and delivering the repurposed products back to FBA for fulfillment. 


The process is simple.  


Step 1. Register with American eBox for a free USA Address

Step 2. Create the removal order from within Seller Central - Select the inventory to be removed, enter your unique American eBox address and confirm the order.

Step 3. Amazon's preferred carriers will deliver your inventory to American eBox. Each parcel or pallet received will trigger an alert that will be immediately emailed to you at the time it is scanned into your inventory.

Step 4. After all inventory is received, login to your online dashboard, select the inventory to be export and click ship. This will send an alert to our warehouse to repack and consolidate all your inventory.

Step 5. Inventory is shipped and delivered to your doorstep.


Simple, cost effective removal order management and international shipping.




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