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Amazon IOR Importer of Record | Seamless imports into USA for FBA fulfillment

International merchants selling on Amazon face considerable challenges when importing to the USA. Amazon policy requires merchants to have an IOR or importer of record designated before sending goods to FBA. 

American eBox offers a solution to help global merchants. We offer IOR or Importer of Record services on behalf of international Amazon Merchants. 
American eBox will manage the entire process to ensure a smooth hassle-free import procedure. Amazon IOR Importer of Record Service by American eBox is the offers logistics clients an added service level to their service portfolio with American eBox.

We offer flexible logistics solutions to help merchants through each step of the supply-chain. As an example many clients sourcing from foreign markets will have either American eBox or the supplier coordiante the shipping from the foreign port to the USA. American eBox acts as the IOR and ultimate consignee. American eBox manages the customs brokerage process and all duty & taxes are paid on behalf of the merchant by American eBox. Goods are delivered to one of our warehouses in California, New York, New Jersey, Colorado, North Carolina, or Florida. Inventory is inspected and scanned into the client account for easy management. Goods are prepped for FBA and shipments are built, then loads are shipped by American eBox directly to FBA. 

As returns are collected at FBA and overstock increases, merchants create removal orders to be sent to American eBox where we inspect the goods, and do one of two things: 1.) export them to the foreign merchant, or 2.) prep them for fulfillment by either FBA or American eBox or both.

We offer a complete Amazon Logistics Solution for inbound logistics and reverse logistics. 

Filing an ISF must be done and our customs brokerage will take care of it all. Importer Security Filing is a mandatory Customs Border Protection regulation which requires all importers receiving cargo by ocean vessel to provide advanced shipment information to CBP prior to leaving port.

Filing the ISF is a critical step. Failure to file your ISF can lead to stiff penalties, increased cargo inspection, and of course a delay in receiving your cargo. Financial penalties range from $5,000 USD – $100,000 USD.

Its good to know your business is in capable hands! 



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