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The coronavirus Covid 19 silver lining

The coronavirus Covid 19 silver lining

While the world tries to make sense of coronavirus and how to live with coronavirus, disruptions to daily life are plaguing the world economy as it slows down.

What is clearly understood is that with social distancing measures in place it is more crucial now than ever to find alternate methods and means to source and secure goods for our households and businesses.

For the foreseeable future we can expect online sales to strengthen.

Sellers of household goods will see an increase in activity as families worldwide stay within their homes.


High Growth Categories:

  1. Lawn and garden
  2. bed and bath
  3. Entertainment
  4. Electronics and media
  5. Home office


Through the remainder of the year we can expect these categories to continue to soar as households remain within the confines of their homes and members who are suffering the effects of boredom and disenchantment look for ways and means to improve the life immediately around them.

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