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Coronavirus Covid 19 survival guide for Amazon merchants

Coronavirus Covid 19 survival guide for Amazon merchants

No doubt the disruptions to the global supply chains are affecting all of us from office settings to household, from warehouses to factories. Manufacturing data worldwide is beginning to show the impacts and threats to supply and manufacturing capability and while the data may indicate a bleak and less than encouraging future it’s imperative that we look more closely.

While the United States struggles to make sense of its manufacturing data, Asia is coming back online and ready to pump out product. Manufacturing centers like China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, & Vietnam are producing products that American households need.

As we navigate through the waters of the future it’s important that we are equipped and strategically prepared because for many, the waters may seem rough but for those who are prepared they will see BLUE OCEANS of opportunity.

“those who are prepared they will see BLUE OCEANS of opportunity.”

Planning: Managing supply-chain to Blue oceans

1. Logistics partners capable of navigating current and future challenges including but not limited to; Geo-political, cross-border and customs
2. Storage, distribution and fulfillment
3. Stock level maintenance and inventory lifecycle

Logistics partners - Whether using American eBox or another freight  forwarder to assist with the coordinated transportation management of goods from a foreign market to the United States, it is critical that the logistics partner has the tools and resources to maneuver. A broad network of partners and assets is a critical aspect of an efficient logistics solution.

Storage, distribution and fulfillment - as companies like Amazon ramp up to meet the growing demands of the new market “normal”, their facilities will be at full capacity with limited storage capability. With diminished storage capability, storage rates will be at a premium with Amazon and pressure from Amazon to increase throughput speed will be higher than times in the past. Furthermore, many product ASIN’s will be gated during this time preventing many goods from moving into a FBA for fulfillment.

Our recommendation is to fully utilize the strength and capability of American eBox to manage your storage, distribution, replenishment and fulfillment of goods.

Stock level maintenance and inventory lifecycle –it is critical to maintain inventory levels that are consistent with throughput while ensuring that the required levels are met for Amazon fulfillment through FBA as well as meeting the required stock levels for “Fulfillment by Merchant” along with other distribution.

Working with American eBox to manage the storage, distribution and fulfillment, through the employment of an effective solution to minimize disruption and ensure a cost effective supply-chain strategy is implemented to exceed the requirements of your investment. That is our mission and that’s what you can expect with us.


American eBox is here to support you!



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