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Discounted ocean shipping from USA to India

Discounted ocean shipping from USA to India

Discounted ocean shipping from USA to India

Transporting cargo from America to India cheap is what we do.

But to ship freight from USA to India cheap has been through the development of our internal assets in both America and India, a process that has developed over years of continuous improvement.

American eBox has been established as a premier international returns management solution for e-commerce sellers and Amazon merchants around the world. Critical to that success has been a deep understanding of the significant financial challenges faced by sellers/merchants who have made significant investment to bring their goods to market.

The return management of goods is a delicate process and the associated costs through the return process are typically under close scrutiny. It is for these reasons we take a very close look at each and every shipment to ensure the best return shipment process at the best price.

India has been an area of considerable focus throughout our history. Since the beginning we have had personnel on staff in India to assist customers.



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