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What are the Amazon FBA Product Labeling specifications for inbound shipments?

What are the Amazon FBA Product Labeling specifications for inbound shipments?

When sending inventory to Amazon’s Fulfillment Network there are 2 primary labels that are required.

  1. The Item Label (FNSKU or Manufacturer barcode)
  2. The Shipping Label


There are 2 different types of barcodes that can be used, manufacturer barcode or Amazon barcodes. Each item sent to Amazon must have a scannable barcode. Amazon uses these barcodes to process and track inventory within the Amazon Fulfillment Network centers.

Manufacturer barcodes

Manufacturer barcodes are placed on the products by manufacturers, and are typically one of these three types:

  • UPC
  • EAN
  • ISBN


TIP: By default, Amazon uses the manufacturer barcodes to track inventory within the fulfillment centers, unless you change that setting in your seller central account.

To change go to Seller Central Settings > Fulfillment by Amazon > FBA Product Barcode Preference


If using the manufacturer barcode, remember your inventory will be co-mingled with the inventory of other sellers.

You may want to verify if your product qualifies to use the manufacturer barcode prior to shipping inventory.

Manufacturer barcode eligibility are as follows

·         New product condition

·         Single barcode

·         No expiration dates

·         No consumable products or topical creams


Maintaining compliance with labeling requirements should always be done.

If you products barcode is covered by bubble wrap, a secondary barcode [B00XXXXXX] must be placed on the outside of the bubble wrap over the pre-existing barcode


FNSKU Item Labels

FNSKU is an identifier used by Amazon fulfillment centers to identify individual offers of a specific ASIN. They are applied to items to identify them as unique to the merchant.

There are guidelines to be followed when labeling your product to ensure they are processed by FBA.

  • Cover all existing barcodes. Unless you are sending stickerless, commingled inventory, be sure to cover the existing barcodes on each item.
  • Use the proper print media for your printer. Each label must be readable and scannable for at least 24 months. This means that the label must not smudge or fade over that period of time. Using laser paper and laser toner with a laser printer, for example, can help keep labels readable and scannable.



The label that you place on each item must include the following information:

  • Barcode, with appropriate quiet zone areas (the clear area surrounding a bar code).
  • String identifier for the barcode.
  • Title and description.
  • Condition (for example, USED).




Additional barcode specifications:

  • 3” x 1” generally
  • White background with Black type font
  • 300 DPI
  • Top / Bottom margins greater than 0.125”
  • Side margins greater than 0.25”



FBA Pallet Labels


American eBox will help build you LTL or FCL shipment. The first step is completing the FNSKU labeling followed by building the cases and finally assembling the pallet according to FBA specifications and requirements (labeling, weights, dimensions, materials, etc.). 


American eBox provides all the prep work within our warehouses to ensure your shipment is in compliance with FBA to prevent any processing delays.






Contact your American eBox account manager for assistance with your next FBA shipment. One of our team members will get your project scheduled for prep today. 





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