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Top three decision making elements of an international e-commerce returns partner

Top three decision making elements of an international e-commerce returns partner

Top three decision making elements of an international e-commerce returns partner

Implementing a returns management solution for international businesses requires planning and a strategy that intersects multiple pathways for the most economical solution. Embracing a strategy that involves, repacking, consolidation, space minimization, multi-modal transportation (land, air, sea), and time are critical to an effective returns management program.  



Unquestionably the most economical method for managing international returns is consolidation. Consolidation is the receipt of numerous returned packages from numerous customers that are combined into a single shipment for export. This method allows the seller to minimize the cost average of the shipment. Since international shipments are generally calculated as the greater of either dimensional weight or actual weight it is also important that your consolidator embrace a re-packing model. We combine all merchandise into a single consolidation but prior to doing so we remove the merchandise from the packaging and repack into the smallest configuration possible for the lowest and most economical shipment. Taking this approach and model to consolidation allows us to reduce dimensional weight buy as much as 200% and in many cases much more. When you consider the way in which Amazon ships its product, excessive air packing and packing material, it’s not hard to see the immense advantage we provide when repacking and consolidating. 


Air and ocean freight options 

The second aspect of your international e-commerce returns program to consider is how the merchandise will be returned to you. What is the shipping method that will be used to send your merchandise. Certainly consolidation will reduce the overall shipment size and by employing off an air freight and sea freight shipping strategy will help drive down costs and give you the best opportunity to recover the capital you have invested in your merchandise. We have multiple options when transporting merchandise that include door-to-door service as well as Door-to-Port services. These give global sellers flexibility and options beyond standard shipping services. 


End to end tracking 

No matter how we deliver the product there is always tracking to go with it. This gives you the visibility to manage expectations throughout your organization and allowing you to make the necessary business decisions.


To learn more about e-commerce logistics & international returns management, contact us at: or +1 754-777-8873



Helping thousands for global companies manage their e-commerce logistics and solve problems everyday!




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