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USA e-Commerce Attracts Global Sellers: Improving Logistics to Increase Cross-border ecommerce

USA e-Commerce Attracts Global Sellers: Improving Logistics to Increase Cross-border ecommerce

The global e-commerce retail market continues to grow at a rapid pace. Increasingly US ecommerce is integrating global suppliers into marketplaces that were once relegated to US dominated brands and suppliers. The China-to-USA business-to-consumer (B2C) ecommerce market has seen a rapid growth in the breath of suppliers as corridors like China-US, India-US, Japan-US, South Korea-US shipping lanes have opened. Government encouragement among many of the worlds top 10 supply markets have helped encourage cross-border activity. As governments relax regulation and policy related to customs clearance, improve or simply tax regulations, and permit greater logistics flow through Free Trade Zones or Special Economic Zones, foreign suppliers stand to benefit significantly in both near and long-term economic outlooks.

Cross-Border E-Commerce in USA
The trend of purchasing goods from overseas markets started in American a few years ago and has become specially popular among younger middle-class Chinese between 26-40 years old. Many cross-border shoppers use their mobile devices to purchase goods. Popular shopping destinations include the China, Hong Kong, Japan, the United Kingdom, and India. Instrumental to the growth of this trend has been's move to redirect global sellers onto their flagship website. Very often Amazon shoppers are unaware that their products are being fulfilled from overseas suppliers. The interaction between seller and shopper is filtered through Amazon, allowing the shopper a perceived shopping experience that is entirely Amazon.

The outcome has been a continued increase in cross-border orders supplied by overseas merchants.

In addition to direct distribution, overseas sellers utilize the considerable benefits Amazon Fulfillment offers. With tens of millions of squarefeet of warehouse space, Amazon FBA has quickly become the world's logistics behemoth capable of fulfilling staggering volumes on an hourly basis.

Savoy global sellers have implemented a multi-pronged approach to fulfillment that involves both methods, direct to consumer and FBA distribution.

American eBox is an Amazon Solution Partner offering critical logistics services designed to complete the entire supply-chain. International Returns and FBA Prep & Storage are required elements that must be addressed in order to maintain Amazon compliance.

For all international sellers, a USA domestic returns address is required. American eBox is a leader and pioneer offering global sellers returns services. Learn more.

For those global sellers who utilize FBA for distribution, American eBox is a strategic partner for importing merchandise as the ultimate consignee (we can help you obtain your EIN too), inspecting your inbound freight for damage, prepping merchandise with labels and polybags, and coordinating the forwarding to Amazon FBA fulfillment centers. Amazon FBA Prep and Storage Solution Provider 

America’s growing cross-border e-commerce market provides an exciting opportunity for overseas merchants looking to grow their business. Though the hurdles can be significant, there are several options to address them and potentially reduce their magnitude. The options above are designed in coordination with Amazon to help gear up those efforts. American eBox offers ecommerce-based logistics services to global sellers interested in expansion into Amazon USA or other USA marketplaces. Amazon International Returns Solution Provider


Services Offered:
Inbound Logistics
Container Unloading or De-consolidation
Labeling and Polybags
Returns management
Relabeling returns


A 3PL solution provider providing flexible solution-based warehousing, reverse logistics, and project logistics managed with the underlying objective to provide the highest level of care and quality to every logistics project. American eBox provides logistics services to global manufacturers, retailers, and suppliers. Harness the power of information technology and streamline Logistics.











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