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List of Prepaid Cards For International Shoppers

List of Prepaid Cards For International Shoppers

Do you live outside the USA and want to shop online with a USA retailer but they won't accept your credit or debit card. This post is for you. We have assembled a list to help you identify virtual prepaid debit cards to help with your international shopping. 


Short List of Prepaid Cards For International Shoppers


Launched in 2013, ecoCard is an excellent solution for anyone who want to ship internationally and has security concerns. It’s a virtual card that expires after one use, so it cannot be lost or stolen. It can be used worldwide online or over the phone. Its a great solution!


Next is EntroPay, a veteran to the space offering consumers and businesses varied levels of service and solutions. For the international shopper, its a sweet option that offers flexibility and security. Its completely virtual and you can top off as needed. You have the freedom to access Euros, Pounds Sterling, and US Dollars. 


Another option that hits our list at number three is OK Pay. OKPAY Card is a prepaid MasterCard® card and can be used in over a hundreds of countries where Mastercard is accepted. Use it online or offline, you get a virtual account and a physical card which we will ship to you if needed. 

OKPAY offers virtual and plastic cards. The virtual card can be used for internet-only payments, with the card information delivered to user’s email address. Start making online purchases immediately. 


Don't forget to signup with American eBox for your Free USA address and let us handle all your international shipping!


For more help, have a look at what Zahra says at Tech-Vise. Good luck and happy shopping!


We hope this list of prepaid cards for international shoppers helps. If you have other companies or solutions you feel would benefit our community, please email the details to:





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