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Amazon Returns Repackaging Service - American eBox

Amazon Returns Repackaging Service - American eBox

Amazon Returns Repackaging Service from American eBox

The American eBox Repackaging Service provides ecommerce sellers with the opportunity to return some customer returned units to sellable status when the units are otherwise in new and sellable condition, but the packaging was opened or damaged.


When a customer returns an item where the packaging is damaged but the item is otherwise in new condition, we will inspect the item following quality control guidelines and perform repackaging services (such as poly-bagging, bubble-wrapping, or boxing) on eligible units.


To often Amazon will receive returns that could certainly be resold but fail to comply with the rigid standards which is where American eBox Repackaging Service can provide an additional layer of security to recover capital invested in your inventory.


Amazon will move returns to unsellable inventory for removal or disposal that should then be delivered to your American eBox Returns Address to be processed and repackaged for resale.


In many cases those returns can be repackaged into poly-bags, bubble-wrapping, or boxing, given a QC seal and resold and fulfilled by American eBox or delivered to Amazon fulfillment centers for distribution.


Inventory not suitable for resell will then be consolidated to maximize cost-savings and shipped to your facility.





For more information about our Amazon International Returns Services visit: Amazon International Returns Service

For more information about our Partnership with Amazon visit: Amazon Solution Provider

For more information about selling on Amazon visit: Amazon Global Selling


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