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Authorized Amazon Solution Provider - Managing Returns & Fulfillment

Authorized Amazon Solution Provider - Managing Returns & Fulfillment

Authorized Amazon Returns Solution Provider: Managing Your Amazon Returns

Success selling on Amazon is exhilarating and accompanied by increased number of orders, as well as an increase in the number of returns. For many Amazon sellers, returns are not an aspect of their business that is strategically thought of early in the planning stages. Managing returns for many is an afterthought and challenge to manage the inspections, quality assurance, testing, and repackaging for the purpose of reselling.

More often than not, consumers fail to return items in the same original new conditionit arrived to them, for example neglecting to return elements of the original contents like; manuals, cables, or packaging.

The absence of these items adds additional work and processing if the goal is to resell such items in order to fully recover the capital invested into the COGS or cost of goods sold.

Such processes require considerable human resource investments as well as material, space, and time. As an Authorized Amazon International Returns Solution Provider, American eBox can simplify and streamline the process for you.


For more information about our Amazon International Returns Services visit: Amazon International Returns Service

For more information about our Partnership with Amazon visit: Amazon Solution Provider


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