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Package Forwarding Tips to Reduce Shipping Costs

Package Forwarding Tips to Reduce Shipping Costs

1. Choose wisely:
A significant advantage when shipping internationally with American eBox is our parcel consolidation services which can substantially reduce overall shipping costs when multiple parcels are combined.

The very basis of cargo consolidation is to spread the cost of shipping out over the aggregate of your total shipped cargo.

Fundemental to understanding this point is to understand that when freight forwarders or parcel forwarders calculate shipping costs they evalute both dimensional weight and actual weight. The greater of the two is the weight that determines the shipping cost.

Having covered the basics of consolidation, lets look at an actual example.

Some items are more challenging to consolidate than others, guitars, archery sets, welding machines, bicycles, or baby stollers to name a few. For example, recently we shipped an atlas with large rectangular dimensions approximately 31" x 8" x 6". The dimensions of this package made it very challenging to consolidate additional smaller items with it because the height of the package was so long it was not feasible to add any additional girth to the package as it would have been cost prohibitive. Similarly the package was fully and densely packed making it impossible to open and stuff it with additional items.

This shipment departed as 2 parcels, the first of which was the large rectangular parcel and the second was a consolidated package with 6 items stuffed into a box with the dimensions, 10" x 8" x 6" containing 4 t-shirts, 1 baseball hat, 1 electronic mod, and 1 VXi Headset. Two tshirts were rolled and carefully stuffed inside the baseball hat. The remaining two tshirts were packed on the bill of the hat careful not to deform or damage the hat. The mod and headset were bubble wrapped and packed behind the hat and everything fit snug into the cardboard box. This saved the customer approximately $110.00 had he not consolidated and shipped items seperately.

Choose wisely when consolidating. Odd shaped items can limit the ability to consolidate your shopping.

In addition to package consolidation, we also provide repacking services as well. Package repacking is critical to cost reductions. 

Don't be fooled by other package forwarders who offer consolidation services but fail to repack your items. Certain Forwarders simply take the package received from Amazon and stick it into a bigger box along will all the other boxes that were delivered from the retailers.

By consolidating in this way, international customers being overcharged. 


American eBox is a premier and trusted package forwarding service offering international customers and business logistics services including: warehousing, courier, express international shipping, cargo repacking, cargo consolidation, in addition to other traditional logistics services. 




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