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Amazon International Returns Service - American eBox

International Returns Service for Amazon Marketplace Merchants


Effective 2015 - “When listing in an international marketplace and fulfilling items on your own, you must either provide customers with a local return address within the country of their Amazon marketplace website or offer them free shipment for returns. This is a requirement to sell on Amazon's marketplaces.” Customer Support and Returns


Amazon is highly focused on customer satisfaction and recently enacted policy to improve its service to consumers by requiring international merchants selling on Amazon marketplace to provide customers a local USA return address or pay for the return shipping to the international origin.

There is a very simple solution to this that will likely add considerable value to your business and your bottom-line. The solution is American eBox.

American eBox provides international merchants a USA address for returns and as each return enters our fulfillment center it is scanned into inventory and your account is updated with relevant information like: tracking number, RMA number, weights, dimensions, and images of the package and its contents if you desire.

We will warehouse your returns as needed. When it makes sense, we will consolidate all returns to ship internationally. Alternatively, we can prepare them to be sent to Amazon FBA to be marketed and sold again.

Another option is multi-channel fulfillment. Sell your in alternate marketplaces and we will handle the fulfillment. American eBox is a world-class warehousing and fulfillment operation managing inventory and distribution for many leading international brands including: MSI, Transcend, Delphi,Borla, TCL, John Deere, CAT, among others.

When it comes to managing your returns in a highly efficient and cost effective manner, we can help.

Get Local Return Address for International Amazon Sellers

Getting started is simple, just sign up and we give you a Local Return Address that you can load into your Amazon returns page immediately. There is no cost to sign-up and no monthly service fee.

We take care of it all for around $3 per item. That includes receiving, warehousing, picking/packing, handling, inspection, account updates; tracking number, RMA numbers, weights, dimensions, photos of received items

When it’s time to ship everything, we’ll repack and consolidate your inventory into space optimized packages for maximum cost reduction and deliver to the destination of your choice.

 If you need customized solutions such as product re-packaging, vacuum packing, film wrapping, electronics testing, stuffing marketing materials or kitting, we can build a solution to fit your needs.



If you are not in compliance with Amazon's intenational return policy, contact us today and we will tailor a solution to fit your needs. We are your Amazon International Returns Service Strategic Partner




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