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Pro Tips: Forwarding Packages to Russia from America

Shipping to Russia from America


American eBox is here to help you ship to Russia from the USA in the best way possible; successful, cost effective, and fast. Having seen massive growth in new customers from Russia, we thought it helpful to introduce information about shipping to Russia. We want to keep customers abreast of the most current information and have assembled some tips here and customers can always check the Russian section of our country guide for relevent information.

Finding excellent deals in America is easier and easier as sales events flourish and have become more frequent as retailers attempt to drive sales. With that said it is important that Russian shoppers review our list of prohibited items as well as those from the Russian marketplace. It is not uncommon for changes to occur and we advise customers to check with local customs offices to maintain the necessary information related to permissible items.

Currently, the only prohibited items listed are antiques and jewelry. Additional quidelines and restrictions have been established on a variety of products ranging from furs, animal skings, ceramic products, electronics, among other items. If you have questions, feel free to contact your American eBox Care manager to assist you.

The transit times to Russia from America varies depending upon the method with which the items are dispatched. Assuming that a door to door express service is requested, the best option tends to be USPS Mail Express which has a 3-5 day delivery window. With that said, transist times can be delayed for customs clearance, though its generally done within 48 hours. We offer DHL, FedEx or USPS service to Russia.

Importing shipment into Russia with values of up to $150 USD without paying a duty or tax are considered Duty/Tax Free. The Russian Duty/Tax Free amounts, or de minimus values, are the declared value of your shipment on which duty and tax will not apply.

Understanding your country's import rules and regulations will help you be able to ship your items in a efficient and cost-effective way each and every time!

Parcel forwarding to Russia is what we excel at and we will help you ship packages to Russia



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