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Shop USA websites from Hong Kong and the things to know.

Shop USA and Ship to Hong Kong 

Live in Kowloon or Wan Chai Hong Kong and want to shop American websites? You need to know some of the shipping basics and we have assembled information you need (duty and taxes, customs and importing/exporting info, shipping rates, and more) and we will get your parcel shipped fast to HK.

There are a number of items prohibited from being imported into Hong Kong, whether originating from America or other countries. As a rule here are several items that are not permissible. Antiques considered to be fragile and breakable, certain jewelry containing precious metals or stones, and seeds.

In addition there are also restrictions on items like tobacco, alcoholic beverages, medical supplies, radar equipment, fabrics and fabric samples, some electronics, and yarn. Your American eBox care manager is happy to discuss your specific needs and clarify any questions related to the items you wish to ship to Hong Kong.

The typical time for shipping to Hong Kong from our Miami fulfillment center is 3 days with our express shipping and also depending on the carrier with whom we dispatch your shopping. DHL, FedEx or USPS are courier options you can choose for shipping your items.

Whether you live in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia or any of the other 220+ countries we serve, being aware of import rules and regulations related to your country can help you successfully ship your items in the most efficient and cost-effective way always!


Get started today shopping the USA from Hong Kong and we will handle shipping to Hong Kong on your behalf. We are Hong Kong Shipping Pros! Shop USA and Ship to HK


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