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NBA 2K15 Review

NBA 2K15 Review


NBA 2K16 is one of the most, if not, the most popular sports game on the video game market. Its groundbreaking graphics and gameplay made the 2K franchise become a powerhouse in the industry. NBA 2K16 is a stellar improvement from its predecessor, NBA 2K15.

One of the improvements was the expanded ways you could create things. In NBA 2K16, you are able to create your own logo, stadium, and even uniforms. 2K16 also allows you to upload your created logo(s) to the entire 2K community. So if you ever want to recreate the “Space Jam” team with the uniforms and all of its glory, NBA 2K16 gives you that ability.

The gameplay and graphics in NBA 2K16 are stellar. 2K always manages to make the gamer feel like they are in an actual basketball game. The “cheese” in the game has mostly vanished. The days of zig-zagging and other cheap tactics are long gone. In this game, it takes strategy and knowledge of the game of basketball. It makes going against the A.I. a fun game of cat-and-mouse. But the most outstanding quality in 2K16 is the graphics. 2K16 pushes the boundaries in video games by making state of the art body scanning technology. This makes the player you use look almost identical to its real life counterpart. The court also looks fantastic. You can almost see every little detail on the wooden floor; the crowd has made big improvements as well. In previous 2K’s, the crowd quietly sits down no matter what happens on the court. If you hit a half-court game winner in the NBA Finals, the crowd would react the same, unenthusiastic way. In 2K16, however, the crowd creates an amazing atmosphere by reacting to buzzer beaters, posterizing dunks, or an ankle breaker. This feature is especially great in the playoffs, where every single home crowd is wearing their team’s shirts. It makes the game ten times more exciting than it actually is.

2K also pushes the boundary in their highly touted MyCareer mode. Unlike the past MyCareer’s, this year's version is more cinematic than interactive. You no longer control your own destiny, the game does. Your fate has already been decided. After the story finishes, you’re playing every 2K MyCareer since 2K11, albeit a few more modes and options. It’s a bit disappointing, but you have to admire 2K for going out of their comfort zone and trying something new.  

MyTeam is also a lot of fun. I found myself playing hours of MyTeam buying cards and stacking my roster with players from the past and present. It’s always exciting when you have players like LeBron or Kobe going up against Magic or Jordan. When it comes to 2K, the possibilities are endless. It’s definitely one the best 2K’s to come out ever. If you are a fan of basketball or sports in general, this is the game for you.  






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Author: Aryan Shirajan
Special Thanks to Sam Hootie




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