Think Fitness: Golf can reduce glucose levels

Think Fitness: Golf can reduce glucose levels


Golf can be both a relaxing past time and an exercise in patience and control, and often both at the same time, and it is a game many of us love particularly during during months of good weather. While it may not be considered among the most athletic of activities, it’s still a great way to get exercise as the warm weather rolls in.

To get the most out of your golf game as a diabetes patient, try to walk as much as possible. You can log an impressive number of steps and burn a respectable amount of calories if you opt for walking the green instead of hitching a ride on a golf cart.

Even if you do spend some time being driven from hole to hole, you’ll still clock some exercise while walking to your ball after each stroke. (In some ways, those who need improvement on their game will reap the most exercise benefits!)

It’s also important to bring the proper supplies with you on your outing. Just as with any outdoor activity, remember to have a blood sugar reader, extra insulin for your pump, plenty of water, and snacks to keep your blood sugar on track. Keep these supplies stored properly, especially insulin, as high temperatures can interfere with its effectiveness.







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