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How to send Bodybuilding and Nutritional Supplements to Middle East - American eBox





Sending items to the Middle East can be very challenging, especially if you live in the Middle East and want to buy something online from and American retailer and have it delivered to you in the Middle East.

As a Middle Easterner who wants to buy items from the most recognized retailers in the USA, it becomes very upsetting to learn that retailers will not send purchases outside of America.

The solution you need is American eBox -

American eBox provides international shoppers a US address. Shoppers buy items from leading retailers like; GNC,, Vitamin Shoppe, Tiger Fitness and many leading merchants focused on the bodybuilding and fitness.

The purchased items are then delivered to your American eBox address at the American eBox warehouse in Miami Florida USA, where they are stored in your dedicated "eBox" or warehouse locker.

You can store your items there for up to 45 days, free of charge. Then when you are ready to have them delivered to your home, we will combine all your items into a single parcel.

When we combine items, we remove excess packing material, excess boxes, and any unnecessary material in order to reduce the size and weight of the shipping parcel.

The result is a consolidated parcel that saves you up to 80% from the international courier charges.

So what are you waiting for, sign up today and get the Bodybuilding, Weight Gainer, Creatine, and Nutritional Supplements to want and need to get the fitness results you want.


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