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Parcel Forwarding Defined


The parcel forwarding industry is a relatively new logistics space created as a consequence of growth and expansion throughout ecommerce. 

Over recent years, ecommerce has grown in leaps and bounds with exponential growth factors accelerating the adaptation of online purchasing around the world and as fewer barriers exist preventing international consumers from making online purchases, the need for intermediary logistics, specialized in the swift export of goods became a necessity. Today the ecommerce industry is seeing added growth as a direct consequence of pioneering efforts by companies like American eBox who are spearheading efforts to build a safe and ethical environment for international consumers and merchants alike. 

Parcel forwarding services like American eBox function as an intermediary between the merchant and the consumer, performing tasks like customs management, inventory management, inspections, and of course international shipping. 

The parcel forwarding industry might be considered a splinter from the freight forwarding industry which has top down governance and regulation from the federal government though the FAA and FMA along with a collection of other enforcement organizations. 

Naturally, regulation and policing is needed to preserve the ethical nature of the industry as well as the legal cross border movement of goods, preservation of brand integrity, mitigation of counterfeit goods, proper scheduling of taxation and duties as well as other needed aspects.

Parcel forwarders and freight forwarders have common similarities but with a few distinct differences. For example both parcel forwarding service providers and freight forwarders receive goods on behalf of third parties with whom they have contract agreements or spot shipping arrangements. Both take possession of goods and generally have the ability to warehouse the goods until the third party dictates when and where the goods are to ship. In both cases, shipping services are arranged on behalf of the consignee or third party and delivered as per the instructions give. 

Both ship large volumes of goods. One significant difference is that freight forwarders only deal with businesses, whereas parcel forwarding services like American eBox ship large volumes of parcels to many customers worldwide. 

American eBox is first and foremost a customer service business and the needs of consumers is managed with the highest level of importance unlike freight forwarders who focus on single customers and not focused on customer support. 

The process by which a Parcel Forwarding company operates can be broken down in a few easy to understand steps. First, the member purchases goods from his/her preferred merchant. The member provides their unique address, provided to them from American eBox, to the merchant for delivery. The merchant gives the member the tracking number and ships the goods to the American eBox facility. The member then puts the tracking information into their American eBox account, notifying us of an expected delivery. Upon arrival, we scan the item, updating the member account of its arrival. The member then notifies American eBox when they want the goods to be exported and shipped.

A process made simple by massive IT and logistics systems designed for the efficient and smooth transition of goods across all links in the supply-chain. Elemental to the American eBox system is the eBox architecture, a proprietary warehouse management system engineered for efficiency, speed, and ease of process flow, making the user experience seamless and painless.

American eBox is a pioneering parcel forwarding service having engineered sophisticated IT systems, WMS, ERP, along with patent pending eBox technology designed to maximize warehouse efficiency. 

American eBox is a proud member of the IFPFA, FIATA, IATA, and NVOCC


REFERENCE: Parcel Forwarding



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