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MI5 isn't spying on you, your TV manufacturer is!

MI5 isn't spying on you, your TV manufacturer is!

Vizio Spying

Recently manufactures LG, Samsung and now Vizio have fallen into consumer disrepute because of their spying on consumer viewing habits. Recently, it was discovered that more than 10 million Vizio smart TV's operate with a default feature that records the viewing habits of consumers, which are then shared with advertisers. 

The simple fix is to disconnect the tv from the internet, but its not the best method considering the main feature of the device is to give the user access to on-demand content from service providers like HULU, Netflix, and Amazon Video. Its unlikely that you would find this a viable solution, however you can manually disable the feature.

Solution 1

It depends on the model you have as to how you would disable the feature, but generally Vizio owners with the normal VIA (Vizio Internet Apps) interface simply use the remotes Menu Button, open Settings, then highlight Smart Interactivity and turn it off.

Solution 2

Disabling the Smart Interactivity feature on models with the VIA PLUS interface is a snap. Simply click Menu, and open Settings, select System, then Reset and Admin. After you scroll down a bit to Smart Interactivity, select and switch it off.

Good luck and enjoy your TV time!



Source: CNET 


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