5 Simple Steps to Amazon International Returns for Global Sellers

Amazon global sellers from around the world selling their goods and products on face and ongoing challenge related to reverse logistics and returns management. Because Amazon does not ship returns to international destinations it is important that you use a certified solution partner to fix your stranded or returned inventory that is stuck in FBA. Abandoned and stranded inventory is at risk of storage fees and those fees will increase in advance of seasonal sales.
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Amazon Returns Repackaging Service - American eBox

Amazon Returns Repackaging Service - American eBox

Amazon Returns Repackaging Service from American eBox The American eBox Repackaging Service provides ecommerce sellers with the opportunity to return some customer returned units to sellable status when the units are otherwise in new and sellable condition, but the packaging was opened or damaged. When a customer returns an item where the packaging is damaged but the item is otherwise in new condition, FBA will evaluate the item and perform repackaging services (such as poly-bagging, bubbl...
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Authorized Amazon Solution Provider - Managing Returns & Fulfillment

Authorized Amazon Solution Provider - Managing Returns & Fulfillment

Authorized Amazon Returns Solution Provider: Managing Your Amazon Returns Success selling on Amazon is exhilarating and accompanied by increased number of orders, as well as an increase in the number of returns. For many Amazon sellers, returns are not an aspect of their business that is strategically thought of early in the planning stages. Managing returns for many is an afterthought and challenge to manage the inspections, quality assurance, testing, and repackaging for the purpose of resell...
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The Essentials For Shipping To Russia

At the moment, the only carrier providing door to door service to Russian residences is USPS. Keep in mind that the USPS restricts any shipments considered "Dangerous Goods" and they do no ship "Oversized" packages. If your package meets or exceeds the size requirements to be classified as "oversized" we can, if possible, break the shipment into two packages that fall beneath the size thresholds. If we are unable to divide your shipment into, we will immediately notify you.
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Pro Tips: Forwarding Packages to Russia from America

American eBox is here to help you ship to Russia from the USA in the best way possible; successful, cost effective, and fast. Having seen massive growth in new customers from Russia, we thought it helpful to introduce information about shipping to Russia. We want to keep customers abreast of the most current information and have assembled some tips here and customers can always check the Russian section of our country guide for relevant information.
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